FomoHunt (October 6th): The Market is Under Attack.

by Digital Lawrence

The past two weeks in the global #DeFi (Crypto) industry has been filled with a whirlwind of news.

This whirlwind kicked off with the indictments of the founders of the first Bitcoin derivatives exchange (Owners of BitMEX, a Leading Bitcoin Exchange, Face Criminal Charges — New York Times), and the banning of Bitcoin derivatives trading in the UK (UK’s FCA bans retail crypto derivatives after year-long consideration — CoinDesk).

Last but not least, John McAfee, infamous CEO and Tech Mogul, was civilly accused by the SEC of promoting ICOs (Crypto Token Sales) without proper disclosure, and also arrested by the US-DOJ for Tax Evasion (John McAfee Arrested in Spain on US Criminal Charges — CoinDesk).

It’s clear that global regulatory bodies are paying attention to the Crypto industry, and those who wish to skirt regulations, best be prepared.

Even with market chaos happening, there has been a continued increase of Institutional Interest in the space, signaling a maturing market.

Like institutional investors, we’re making a bet on crypto at FomoHunt, where we’re focused on Deep & Impactful Work.

Right now, we’re scaling the backend (infrastructure) of our platform to improve the reliability, speed, and long-term user experience of Our current updates are those you would consider, more “behind the scenes”, but will lead to a more robust platform, company, product, and brand in the future — longevity is the name of the game.

Astronaut Looks At Earth Before His Final Departure


  • Improvement to our Company Admin Panel (users, user subscriptions, portfolios)
  • Asset Chart Fixes
  • Improving Portfolios Charts


  • Onboarded new Head of User Experience
  • Onboarded new Head of Community
  • Onboarded new Head of Brand


  • We’re publishing THE BOOK ON DIGITAL ASSETS. More to be revealed.



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